Sports Injury Physiotherapy

Athletes and sports people often get inhured in the course of their activities. These injuries can vary from quite minor to severe and physiotherapy is always a key element in their rehabilitation. Typically musculo skeletal in nature, the injuries sustained by athletes etc tend to be in the legs but can also be anywhere in the body. This is an occupational hazard for people who play a lot of football, basketball, rugby as well as athletes and gymnasts.

Typically the sort of injuries you will see in these professions are muscle strains, torn ligaments, cartilage tears and, of course, various kinds of fractures. Sometimes surgery is required in the cases of torn ligaments and bad fractures, other times immobilization of the damaged area is needed to let healing take place. But in all cases there is always the need for physiotherapy as the final (and usually longest) stage of recovery from a sports injury. Of course, not only professional sports players suffer injuries, a lot of amateur and school/college players sustain injuries in the course of their lives during practices and competitive sports playoffs.

For the physiotherapist there are many opportunities for full time employment - there are over 3 million sports injuries a year in the USA. All sports have a risk of injury either through contact with other players or through accidental misuse of a body part due to the enormous stresses made upon them. Without doubt, the most frequently seen sporting injuries are strains and sprains to the lower ankle and knee areas.